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Water Heaters - GasGas Function

Water Heaters - Gas

Gas Function

Keep the water heater area clear of combustible
cleaning materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapors and liquids. Failure to obey this warning could result in death or serious injury.

When the wall switch is turned to the ON position, the Water Heater will make three attempts to light. During this time, the wall switch light remains on during ignition. If the unit lights and the control system detects that flame is present, the light goes out. This is normal for operation. If for any reason there is no ignition, the Water Heater will lockout and the red lockout lamp on the wall switch will stay illuminated. If the thermostat fails, the E.C.O. will also lockout the Water Heater and a reset will be required.

Determine the reason for no control, correct it, and reset the gas control sequence by turning the switch to the OFF position then to the ON position.

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