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Water Heaters - GasUnpleasant odor

Water Heaters - Gas

Unpleasant odor

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Flush to Remove Unpleasant Odor

A rotten egg odor (hydrogen sulfide) may be produced when the electro-galvanic action of the cladding material releases hydrogen from the water. If sulfur is present in the water supply, the two will combine and produce an unpleasant smell.

Turn off the main water supply (the pump or water hook up source).

Remove the drain plug to drain the water from the tank.

Reinstall the drain plug.

Remove the P/T relief valve.

Mix a solution of four parts white vinegar to two parts water.

With a funnel, carefully pour the solution into the tank.

Cycle the Water Heater with the vinegar/water solution, letting it run under normal operation four to five times.

Remove the drain plug and thoroughly drain all of the water from the tank.

Flush the Water Heater to remove any sediment. You may flush the tank with air pressure or fresh water. Pressure may be applied through either the inlet or outlet valves on the rear of the tank or through the P/T relief valve coupling located on the front of the unit. If flushing through the P/T relief valve, lift the handle and apply the air pressure.

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