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Water Heaters - Combo Gas & ElectricHow to clean the Electronic Ignition Module

Water Heaters - Combo Gas & Electric

How to clean the Electronic Ignition Module

💡Exact components and their locations will vary between models.

1: Access Door
2: Water Heater Tank
3: Flue Assembly
4: Hot Water Outlet
5: Cold Water Inlet
6: Gas Valve
7: Electrode
8: E.C.O
9: Thermal Cut-off
10: P/T Relief Valve
11: DSI Control Board
12: Thermostat
13: Electric Junction Box/Element Access Cover (this cover must be sealed)

Check main burner orifice.

Clean and adjust main burner.

Main burner and valve manifold must align with each other.

Check electrode for cracked porcelain (E).

Check electrode for proper gap - 1/8” between electrode and ground.

If module board functions intermittently, remove board and clean terminal block with pencil eraser (FIG 3-H).

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