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Water Heaters - Combo Gas & ElectricHow to winterize (Flush) the Unit

Water Heaters - Combo Gas & Electric

How to winterize (Flush) the Unit


  • Turn off water heater and allow time for water to cool before removing drain plug to flush tank.

To insure the best performance of your water heater and add to the life of the tank, periodically drain and flush the water heater tank. Before long term storage or freezing weather drain and flush the tank.

Turn off main water supply (the pump or water supply (the pump or water hook up source).

Drain Water Heater Tank by removing the drain plug. If the water flows sporadically or trickles instead of a steady stream of water, we recommend the following action; first open the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve to allow air into the tank and secondly, take a small gauge wire or coat hanger and poke through the drain opening to eliminate any obstructions.

After draining the tank, because of the placement of the Drain Plug, approximately two quarts of water will remain in the tank. This water contains most of the harmful corrosive particles. To remove these harmful corrosive particles flush the tank with either air or water. Whether using air or water pressure, it may be applied through the inlet or outlet on the rear of the tank or the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve. (If using the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve the Support Flange must be removed). The pressure will force out the remaining water and the corrosive particles.

If you use water pressure, pump fresh water into the tank with the assistance of the on-board pump or use external water for 90 seconds to allow the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and force deposits through the drain opening. Continue repeating adding water and draining until the particles have been cleared from the water remaining in the tank.

Replace the Drain Plug and close the Pressure Temperature Relieve Valve. the approximately two quarts of water remining in the tank after draining will not cause damage to the tank should freezing occur.

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