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On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)Maintenance and Care Instructions

On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)

Maintenance and Care Instructions


  • Shut off gas supply at LP container before disconnecting a gas line.

  • Keep control compartment clean and free of gasoline, combustible material, and flammable liquids and vapors.

DO NOT USE Aftermarket heating elements, they can lack critical safety controls. To read more, see "Using After-Market Water Heating Element Devices" at the bottom.


  • LP and Water system must be turned on.

  • Have gas pressure tested periodically. Should be set at 11 inches of water column with three appliances running.

  • Drain water heater at regular intervals (at least one time during the year).

  • Drain water heater before storing RV for the winter or when the possibility of freezing exists.

  • Keep vent and combustion air grill clear of any


  • The water heater comes factory-equipped with a fused circuit board, which will protect the circuit board from wiring shorts. If the fuse should activate, the water heater will not operate. Before replacing the fuse, check for a short external to the board. Once the short is corrected, replace the 2 amp fuse with a mini ATO style fuse. Do not install a
    fuse larger than 3 amps.

  • If the fuse is good and the unit is inoperative, check for excessively high voltage to the unit (more than 14 volts).

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