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RUC RefrigeratorHow to defrost the refrigerator?
RUC Refrigerator

RUC Refrigerator

How to defrost the refrigerator?

Never use mechanical tools to remove ice or to loosen objects stuck to the device.


  • The refrigerator compartment has an automatic cyclic defrost system, which prevents excessive frost forming on the evaporator fins. However, if the refrigerator is used for extended periods in high
    humidity and/or high ambient temperature conditions, frost may build up on the evaporator fins behind the internal fan cover, which can reduce the cooling performance. In this case a manual defrost is

  • The frozen compartment will require periodic manual defrosting,
    recommended if the frost layer is higher than 3 mm.

Disconnect the voltage and gas supply.

Empty the contents.

Put a cloth in the freezer compartment and the refrigerator to absorb any excess water.

Leave the doors open.
✔ The condensate drains off through a hose at the back of the refrigerator and is
routed outside the vehicle.

Wipe both compartments dry with a cloth.

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