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Water Heaters - Combo Gas & ElectricGas/Electric combination function information

Water Heaters - Combo Gas & Electric

Gas/Electric combination function information


When the gas switch is turned on, the unit will make three attempts to light. If for any reason there is no ignition, the unit will lockout and the red lockout lamp on the wall switch will illuminate. If the thermostat fails, the ECO will also lockout the unit, requiring resetting. Determine the reason for no ignition, correct it, and reset the gas ignition sequence by turning the switch off, then on.


When the electric switch is turned on, the 120VAC relay will close and pass 110vac to the element. If the thermostat were to fail, the ECO will open and lockout the system. To correct, check the thermostat to assure good contact with the tank and reset the control by turning the electric switch off, then on.


The unit can be run in both gas and electric modes simultaneously for quick recovery. note: if the gas fails to ignite, the gas mode will lockout, but the wall switch lockout lamp will not illuminate since the electric mode is still operational. Should you notice slow recovery, indicating the gas is not working, turn the electric switch off. The lamp will then illuminate indicating a lockout has occurred on the gas side. Correct the problem and turn the switches back on.

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