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Americana RefrigeratorsHow to best store food in the refrigerator
Americana Refrigerators

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How to best store food in the refrigerator

💡Tips on storing food

Park the vehicle so that it is level, especially when starting up and filling the refrigerator before setting off on a journey.

Open the refrigerator door only for a short
period of time when removing products.

We recommend to start the fridge one day before a planned journey, switch it on approx. 12 hours before filling it.

Protect the interior of the vehicle from warming up excessively (e.g. sunshades in
the windows, air conditioner).

Always store pre-cooled foods in the refrigerator.

Make sure that the food is well cooled when it is bought and also when transporting it. Use insulated cooling bags.

Products must be packed - best of all in
closed containers, wrapped in aluminium
foil or similar - and stored separately from
each other, in order to prevent drying out or

Allow foods that have been warmed up to
cool down before storing.

Avoid storing products in the refrigerator
that could emit volatile flammable gases.

Do not overfill the storage grids and compartments to prevent obstructing the internal air circulation.

Do not expose the refrigerator to direct
sunlight. Please bear in mind that the temperature inside a closed vehicle increases
sharply if exposed to sunlight and that this
can reduce the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Ensure that air circulation of the cooling unit
is not obstructed. Keep the ventilation grilles
free from obstructions.

The freezer compartment
Do not keep carbonated drinks in the freezer.

The freezer compartment is suitable for
making ice cubes and for short-term storage
of frozen food. It is not suitable as a means of freezing foods.

NOTE: When ambient temperatures are lower than +10°C (+50°F) and the refrigerator is exposed to these temperatures for extended periods of time, an even regulation of freezer temperature cannot be guaranteed for systemrelated reasons. This can cause the temperature in the freezer to rise and the stored goods to melt.

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