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Ibis Air ConditionersHow to: Clean the roof air conditioner
Ibis Air Conditioners

Ibis Air Conditioners

How to: Clean the roof air conditioner

NOTICE! Beware of damage

  • Do not clean the roof air conditioner with a high-pressure cleaner.
    Exposure to water can damage the air conditioner.

  • Do not use sharp or hard objects or cleaning agents for cleaning as
    these may damage the roof air conditioner.

  • To clean the roof air conditioner, use water with a gentle cleaning
    agent. Never use petrol, diesel or solvents.

NOTICE! Beware of damage
The air outlet unit display screen (1) is acrylic and can be damaged by some common household chemicals.
Only use a mild solution of warm soapy water to clean it.
Chemical cleaners, window cleaners, alcohol, certain tensides, organic solvents, softeners and similar can damage the display.

➤ Regularly remove leaves and other dirt from the ventilation grilles (1) of the roof
air conditioner. Make sure you do not damage the grilles in the process.
➤ Clean the housing of the roof air conditioner and the air outlet unit occasionally
with a damp cloth.
➤ Clean the remote control with a slightly damp cloth from time to time. We
recommend using a cleaning cloth for glasses to clean the display.

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