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Ibis Air ConditionersHow to: Inspect/perform maintenance
Ibis Air Conditioners

Ibis Air Conditioners

How to: Inspect/perform maintenance

Any other maintenance work to that which is described here may only be carried out by qualified personnel who are familiar with the risks involved when handling refrigerant and air conditioning systems as well as the relevant regulations.

Interval: Regulary
Check the condensation water drainage:

Check whether the condensation water drainage channels (1) at the sides of the roof air conditioner are clear and whether the condensation water is able to escape.

Regularly: Clean the filter of the air discharge unit:

➤ Insert a flat screwdriver or knife into the handle (1) to pull the filters (2) slightly out.
➤ Remove the filters by hand.
➤ Clean the filters with a detergent solution and let it dry.
➤ Slide the dry filters back in.


Interval: Once per year
Check the profile seals:
➤ Check the seal between the roof air conditioner and the roof of the
vehicle for cracks and other damage.

Interval: Once per year

Have the heat exchanger serviced:
➤ Have the heat exchanger of the roof air conditioner serviced by specialist workshop.

Interval: Once per year

Check the fastening bolt tightness:
➤ Check the fastening bolts are tightened to the correct torque and adjust if necessary.

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