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Ibis Air ConditionersHow to: select the fan setting manually
Ibis Air Conditioners

Ibis Air Conditioners

How to: select the fan setting manually

The fan controls the strength of the air supply.
In all modes, except for the “Automatic”( A) mode, the fan speed can be selected manually.

Display message

Remote control:

ADB: 123

Meaning: Three fan speeds

Remote control:

Meaning: Auto fan (changes the fan speed based on the temperature setting and actual room temperature) only available in the “Cooling” ( ), “Heating” ( ) and “Ventilation” ( ) modes.

High fan level

Remote control:
ADB: 4
Meaning: Turbo fan speed, only when TURBO button is pressed only available in the “Cooling” () and “Heating” ( ) modes.

  • Press the button of the remote control or the button of the control panel to select the desired fan speed.

  • The roof air conditioner confirms the receipt of the values with a beep sound.

The new fan speed is set.

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