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RUC RefrigeratorHow to use the refrigerator for the first time?
RUC Refrigerator

RUC Refrigerator

How to use the refrigerator for the first time?


  • Make sure that you only put items in the refrigerator which may be kept at the selected temperature.

  • Make sure that items in the refrigerator do not block the openings of
    the cooling ventilation areas in the main compartment

  • Foodstuff may only be stored in its original packaging or in suitable


  • Before starting your new refrigerator for the first time, you should clean it inside and outside with a damp cloth for hygienic reasons.

  • The cooling performance can be affected by:
    – the ambient temperature (e.g. when the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight)
    – the amount of food to be conserved
    – how often you open the door

  • When using the refrigerator for the first time, there may be a mild odour which will disappear after a few hours. Air the living space well.

  • Park the vehicle so that it is level, especially when starting up and filling the refrigerator before setting off on a journey.

  • Approximately one hour after switching on, the freezer compartment of the refrigerator should be cold. The refrigerator reaches its
    operating temperature after a few hours.

  • Battery management systems switch off the power supply to the refrigerator as soon as the vehicle engine is switched off for a longer period of time. The refrigerator requires a constant DC power supply
    to operate. If your vehicle has a battery management system, deactivate it.

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