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Water Heaters - Combo Gas & ElectricPreventative maintenance instructions

Water Heaters - Combo Gas & Electric

Preventative maintenance instructions

Spiders, mud wasps, and other insects can build nests in the burner tube. This will cause poor combustion, delayed ignition or ignition outside combustion tube.

Listen for a change in burner sounds or in flame appearance from a hard blue flame to a soft lazy flame or one that is very yellow. These are indications of an obstruction in burner tube (C).

Inspect and clean on a regular basis

Remove air shutter screw (A) and slide air shutter (B) down burner tube.

Run a flexible wire brush down burner tube (D) until it is visible at end of burner tube.

Vacuum burner where it enters combustion tube.

Return air shutter to original position and replace screw.

The orifice, burner tube and shutter must be aligned so that the shutter is not binding on the air tube.

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