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RUC RefrigeratorHow to use the refrigerator optimally?
RUC Refrigerator

RUC Refrigerator

How to use the refrigerator optimally?

When the temperature in the interior of the refrigerator exceeds +4 °C, the shelf life of goods that spoil quickly cannot be guaranteed. To attain an optimal cooling capacity in the interior of the refrigerator, observe the following information:

  • Do not store goods in the refrigerator for the first 12 hours of operation.

  • **For RUA Series: **Protect the interior of the vehicle from warming up excessively (e.g. sunshades in
    the windows, air conditioner).

  • Protect the refrigerator from direct sunlight (e.g. sunshades in the windows).

  • Voltage fluctuations can have a negative effective on the cooling capacity. Check the temperature in the interior of the refrigerator regularly
    – when using DC power supply during the journey
    – when using AC power supply at the site of use

  • Choose a well ventilated location which is protected from direct sunlight.

  • Allow warm food to cool down first before keeping it cool in the refrigerator.

  • Do not open the refrigerator more often than necessary.

  • Do not leave the doors open for longer than necessary.

  • Defrost your refrigerator as soon as a layer of ice forms.

  • Avoid unnecessarily low temperature settings.

  • Arrange the food in the refrigerator so that air can circulate inside.

  • Leave a distance of at least 10 mm between the contents and ventilation openings on the vent cover.

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