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On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)How to operate your water heater

On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)

How to operate your water heater


  • Do not smoke or have any flame near an open faucet.

If water heater has not been used for more than two weeks, hydrogen gas may form in water line. Under these conditions to reduce the risk of injury, open hot water faucet for several minutes at kitchen sink before you use any electrical appliance connected to hot water system.

If hydrogen gas is present, you will probably hear sounds like air escaping through the pipe as water begins to flow.

Pressurize the water system by turning on pump or city water pressure.

Purge all air from the system by turning on the faucets until a steady stream of water flows.

Turn on the 12V DC power supply.

Turn on the LP supply at the tank and the manual gas
valve (if installed). The water heater will remain dormant until a water tap is opened and the heater senses water flow of at least 1.0 GPM.

Turn on the hot water tap to full open. The heater will fire up within several seconds and hot water will flow from the tap in the time it takes to traverse the lines from the heater to the faucet. (If this is the first usage, you may have to turn the water on and off several times to purge the LP gas lines of air.) If the heater fails to light or the lockout lamp (optional) illuminates, turn the power switch OFF, then ON to reset the ignition control.

To shut off the water heater, shut off the water.

Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the “ON/OF” power switch.

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