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On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)How to winterize the Unit

On Demand Water Heater (OD-5001)

How to winterize the Unit

It is not recommended that you operate water systems in the winter. Any freezing of the water heater or other plumbing components can cause severe damage that is not covered by warranty.

For extended cold temperature use, there is an OPTIONAL Freeze Protection Kit.

Winter Operation:

Turn off water pump and the power and gas to the heater. Open the pressure relief valve by lifting the handle to a 90° position from the normal position. (Summer/Winter valve should be turned to the “SUMMER” position horizontal).

Open drain valve that was installed at hot water outlet fitting of heater.

Open at least one hot and cold water tap in the coach.

This should drain the system.

Winterizing Procedure:

Before storing the system for the winter, the plumbing system must be winterized. This can be done by either of the following methods:

  • All water should be drained from the system. To do this, open one tap at a time using compressed air to purge the system of all water. Once purged, open the Pressure Relief Valve and leave in the open position.

  • Follow recommendations of your coach manufacturer. Use RV non-toxic antifreeze.

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